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Final Paper Template

I noticed that the generic ACM template that was posted earlier on the blog is actually a little different than the official CHI format found here: I’m sure that both templates are acceptable and not much different in length. … Continue reading

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New Media Portfolio

I was looking at some portfolio sites for inspiration and came across this one, which I realized is a great example of Manovich’s principles of new media. Notice the lighting effects and smooth cinematic transitions–evidence of transcoding from the language … Continue reading

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Paper Topic: Visualizing Energy

For my capstone, I aim to create a website that helps dorm residents become more aware of and reduce their use of electricity. To do so I plan to hold an energy-saving contest and then display real-time data from electric … Continue reading

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syntagmatic interactivity

I thought an interesting issue came up during our discussions of paradigm and syntagm last week. The concept of syntagm helps us to understand how the sequence of different signs in an expression is constitutive of their meaning. This would … Continue reading

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Interaction criticism in action

Yesterday a friend sent me this link, and today Erik posted it to the HCI listserve as an example “worth reflection and critique”: I think this site is a great artifact to which we can apply the critical approaches … Continue reading

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Prewriting Diagrams

An interesting outcome of this whole prewriting exercise is that I’ve begun to make better use of diagrams as tools to understand readings and organize my thoughts. This happened somewhat by accident. I started out just trying to make some … Continue reading

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For Erik’s class we read a chapter from Peter-Paul Verbeek’s What Things Do, which presents some pretty interesting ideas relating Heideggerian concepts like “present to hand” to the  sustainability of products. He also claims to draw on the perspective of … Continue reading

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