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drunk women on facebook

As we discussed in class…  people are putting their backstage behavior online for the world to view…   My favorite paragraph: Another member of the Facebook group is more cautious. Laura, a 22-year-old business major, took down a drunken video … Continue reading

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My argument for final paper (YouTube and Goffman).

 BASIC THESIS:  Goffman’s theory of front stage and backstage is being blurred by technology, more specifically YouTube.  Behaviors that Goffman saw as backstage are being moved to the front stage because of the availability of this new technology.  People are … Continue reading

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‘You’ will be in control of entertainmet by 2012 <snip> Nokia’s latest study, ‘A Glimpse of the Next Episode’, predicts that within five years a quarter of all entertainment will be created, edited and shared within peer groups rather than coming out of traditional media groups. Trend-setting consumers … Continue reading

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WOW Mr. T commercial i pity the fool who doesn’t play WOW. =t

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My Paper: Goffman’s Presentation of Self and YouTube

Goffman’s Presentation of Self in Everyday Life was published in 1959 with the intent of establishing a description of meaning in social interaction.  Goffman said that people present an “idealized” version of themselves in public (front stage).  People present more … Continue reading

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the 21st century breakup phenomenon

This article posted today to CNN speaks to the impact of technology on culture in a big way.  When I was a teenager, many moons ago, you were considered rude or “chicken” to break up with a girlfriend over the … Continue reading

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Read the manual

This will not be a large post, I am still working out the details…. But I have been thinking about the development of a language of HCI.  I realize that it is important to have a controlled vocabulary that we … Continue reading

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