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Getting Under My Second Skin

This morning I finally got around to watching the much vaunted Second Skin trailer about MMORPGs. I feel that the framing of the whole thing is wrong. Though virtual worlds have objective dimensions (the code, the UI, the subscribers, the … Continue reading

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Interaction Criticism: How to Do It, Part 5

Examples and Explanations of Design Criticism Writing Last week I posted Part 4 in my series on Interaction Criticism. Since then, I have read many more examples of design criticism, and so I want to expand on what I wrote … Continue reading

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Climbing excursion experience

Here’s an experience for you: sit back, close your eyes (but not really because then you won’t be able to read the post. Unless you ask that person sitting next to you to read the rest aloud for you), think … Continue reading

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mix tapes vs. digital playlists (mediation, meaningful objects and sign values)

Last week, I conducted some user studies to learn about music libraries. One of the participants commented on how cool mix tapes were yet how rarely he creates playlists in iTunes. I started to wonder about the differences between old … Continue reading

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Inspired Viral Video: Black Eyed Peas on Obama

Via, I found a blurb about a viral video for the Obama campaign. I checked out the video, and I was quite impressed. The production qualities are high, which is what seemed to impress Salon. But that’s not what … Continue reading

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Sustainable Guitar Hero

While everyone loves Guitar Hero, it is reasonable to consider the environmental implications of all those cheesy plastic guitars. A company showed off an elegant solution at CES 2008: Guitar Hero Air Guitar Rocker. Let’s face it: it’s not the … Continue reading

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Wearable Computing: Automation and Fashion in Second Life

Holy transcoding, Lev! One of the interesting recent developments in Second Life fashion is the increasing extent to which programming and automation are a part of virtual dress-up. An interesting example of this is a line of clothing from one … Continue reading

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