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Design Researchers Need a Shared Program, Not a Divorce

In a 2017 paper, Forlizzi, Koskinen, Hekkert, and Zimmerman called for a “divorce” between “pragmatic” and “critical” threads of “constructive design research” or CDR. At DIS 2018, they have a workshop around the theme of the paper. (Full disclosure: they … Continue reading

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Why We Turn Away

Why do we as researchers turn away from accepted knowledge, theory, and/or research? I don’t mean rejecting a given paper or objecting to a presentation. I am referring to categorically rejecting a whole knowledge practice, on account that it uses … Continue reading

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The Materiality of Research Practice

This is a quickie today. Recently (readers might have noticed) I have been reflecting a lot on my research practice. I have been trying to find those moments when I got things right and better recognize when I did not. … Continue reading

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A Dark Pattern in Humanistic HCI

I have noticed a dark pattern among papers that align themselves with critical or humanistic approaches to HCI. I myself have been guilty of contributing to that pattern (though I am trying to reform). But I still see it all the time … Continue reading

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On Peer Reviewing Argument Papers in HCI

UPDATE 30 September 2015: This blog post has been expanded and developed in Shaowen Bardzell and my book, Humanistic HCI (Morgan & Claypool, 2015), in “Chapter 4: Enacting the Struggle for Truth in Full View: Writing and Reviewing Humanistic HCI Research.” * … Continue reading

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A Position on Peer Reviewing in HCI, part 3

This post is continued from two earlier parts: In Part 1 I offer a broad rationale for my position In Part 2 I offer specific recommendations for ACs and reviewers In this part, I offer my own recommendations for the … Continue reading

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A Position on Peer Reviewing in HCI, part 2

This post follows on from my previous post, in which I outline my position on peer reviewing and my reasoning for it. In this post, I offer four observations in the form of a guide to serving as a good … Continue reading

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