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Why We Turn Away

Why do we as researchers turn away from accepted knowledge, theory, and/or research? I don’t mean rejecting a given paper or objecting to a presentation. I am referring to categorically rejecting a whole knowledge practice, on account that it uses … Continue reading

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Interaction Criticism: How to Do It, Part 7

Readings: Going Off on Your Own Continued from Part 6 of the Interaction Criticism series, which starts here. Acknowledgment: Many of the ideas and readings cited throughout this series and particularly in this post reflect the research and contributions of … Continue reading

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Death of the Professional Critic (?) today has published a story on the recent book by Ronan McDonald, The Death of the Critic. I have not read the book, but I have some comments about the story (or, more specifically, dialogue between its two … Continue reading

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Be kind Rewind: Remediation alive and well

Film Premise: VHS tapes in a local video store (operated by Jack Black & Mos Def) have all been magnetically zapped and the stars of the film must remake the movies (starring themselves) to satisfy their customers (I haven’t actually … Continue reading

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Goobbye 2007–reflections on the self

This is a repost from my blog.  On a personal note I would like to thank Jeff for the amount of himself that he poured into this class, and the seriousness with which you, my classmates, treated all of our … Continue reading

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interface space

An interesting piece on some artistic explorations of interface culture. I actually think some of the most interesting parts were in the comments: “I mess up in real life and my left pinky and index finger motion for CTRL-Z.” “After … Continue reading

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Tagging as Identity Construction

For my paper, I’ve been looking at tagging on sites like and Flickr.  Lots of interesting design opportunities here (e.g. vocabulary problems, identifying communities of practice, adapting to site navigation). One thing I found particularly interesting was how much … Continue reading

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