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Research Through Design: A Humanistic Conception

Note #1: This is adapted from a post I submitted to the PhDDesign distribution list’s thread on “Research through design.” Note #2: This is a preliminary attempt to formulate the perspective I am developing in my sabbatical monograph, Design As … Continue reading

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Criticism = Design = Criticism

Here are some juicy quotes by French New Wave filmmaker and critic Godard on the relationship between criticism and filmmaking. As a critic, I already thought of myself as a filmmaker. Today [1962, after he started directing films] I still … Continue reading

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MFA in Design Criticism

The School of Visual Arts in New York is now offering an MFA in design criticism. Though the program is oriented primarily to traditional design areas–urban planning, product design, and fashion–I think what they are doing should also be something … Continue reading

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Interaction Criticism: How to Do It, Part 6

Four Directions in Academic Design Criticism In Part 5 of this series (which more or less begins here), I sampled writings about designs from various design magazines to show examples of ways that people write about design. In it, I … Continue reading

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Trust in Museums

This is an interesting blog post that I came across. In the class I think we did not discuss the issue of trusting the information presented in the museums. Trust Me, Know Me, Love Me: Trust in the Participatory Age … Continue reading

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