Welcome to Interaction Culture

We will use this blog to explore some concepts and raw, but as yet undeveloped, cool ideas. Be nice!

About jeffreybardzell

Jeffrey Bardzell is Professor of Informatics and Director of the HCI/Design program in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University - Bloomington. His research foci include critical design, interaction criticism, research through design, and digital creativity, which he approaches from a perspective that reflects his background in the humanities.
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7 Responses to Welcome to Interaction Culture

  1. Tyler Pace says:


  2. tylerpace says:

    I was going to post a more serious comment linking to the RSS feeds for entries and comments, but I see Jeff added a Meta section which contains the feeds.

    So much for that helpful post.

  3. kaycereed says:

    I just posted something and now I can’t find it?!

  4. Hi Kayce. The good news is that your post actually did work:


    The bad news is that I have no idea why it’s not on the front page. Evidently I need some help on getting this thing to work!

  5. mingxian says:

    finally come here:)

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