Manovich reading for Tomorrow

I am going through my to-do list at breakneck speeds this morning and come to my reading for tomorrow, Manovich.  I think, “hmm it should be here in my bag.”  Nope, maybe in oncourse, nope.  Where the heck is it, and will we still need to read it for tomorrow?

Am I the only one who missed some vital announcement or am I taking crazy pills?


  1. houssian

    Ahhhhh OK, I still haven’t gotten my book yet (even though I ordered them in class) and didn’t realize that it was from one of the texts.
    Thanks Christian!

  2. Tyler Pace

    Thanks for the find Christian. I ordered Manovich’s book in class 5 minutes after receiving the syllabus and it has not arrived yet. I should have it by the end of the week.

  3. houssian

    wOoT I got mine this afternoon (after I killed .002 trees printing it out)


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