(Don’t) Read This Immediately

Today, UITS sent out a mass warning that the Adobe Acrobat reader had been compromised and advised that you not open any PDF files that you weren’t expecting. They then detailed the threat–you guessed it!–in a PDF attachment. Kudos to Tyler Pace for spotting this.

Open the PDF to see that you aren't supposed to open any PDFs.

About jeffreybardzell

Jeffrey Bardzell is Professor of Informatics and Director of the HCI/Design program in the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University - Bloomington. His research foci include critical design, interaction criticism, research through design, and digital creativity, which he approaches from a perspective that reflects his background in the humanities.
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3 Responses to (Don’t) Read This Immediately

  1. Tyler Pace says:

    It’s even funnier in blog form. ❤ UITS

  2. yenning says:

    Yes! I checked the sender at least three times to make sure I KNOW where did it come from. So it is a safe mail, right?

  3. datrushurtz says:

    My favorite UITS moment occured earlier this year.

    In an effort to warn incoming freshmen about the dangers of file sharing, they launched a campaign with tee-shirts which looked like this:

    Naturally, many freshmen and parents who saw UITS employees wearing this shirt took it to have a completely different meaning than what they were going for.

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