(Don’t) Read This Immediately

Today, UITS sent out a mass warning that the Adobe Acrobat reader had been compromised and advised that you not open any PDF files that you weren’t expecting. They then detailed the threat–you guessed it!–in a PDF attachment. Kudos to Tyler Pace for spotting this.

Open the PDF to see that you aren't supposed to open any PDFs.

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  1. yenning

    Yes! I checked the sender at least three times to make sure I KNOW where did it come from. So it is a safe mail, right?

  2. datrushurtz

    My favorite UITS moment occured earlier this year.

    In an effort to warn incoming freshmen about the dangers of file sharing, they launched a campaign with tee-shirts which looked like this:

    Naturally, many freshmen and parents who saw UITS employees wearing this shirt took it to have a completely different meaning than what they were going for.


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