Eliminating/Redesigning the Cubicle

Gilliam Smith talks about the importance of IT systems to support social aspects of work AND leisure and that this is necessary for the well-being and the efficiency of the user. I know that Jeff has emphasized this throughout all of the classes I have taken with him, which has remained something I am very passionate and concerned with. The problem I am having (and had especially throughout the last year for my job) is the ability for us as designers to convince those in corporate settings that this is necessary for job efficiency, so that their employees can think and act creatively, and for the overall success of the organization.

We know that we can design systems to enhance the experience of the user (this is something that all of the second year students focused on significantly last semester) but how do we convince those who believe the opposite? That employees will lose motivation to do their work, will fail to perform effectively, and will simply chat/mess around on the internet/play games, which will ultimately be detrimental to the organization. I will continue to think about this, but please post your comments/ideas/solutions to this difficult problem.


  1. jeffreybardzell

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  2. jeffreybardzell

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