1. Kevin Makice

    This isn’t a SL machinima piece, but my favorite bit of Dingoism is the Ant Concert.

  2. Tyler Pace

    I might have to revise the title to “new media master.”

    It’s one thing to have an explosive one hit wonder like Numa Numa, but Robbie regularly produces films that set new standards for my machinima and new media expectations.

  3. laurabrunetti

    When I saw the Masks piece, I immediately thought of Michael Jackson’s Black or White, which is often cited to be the first to use the face-morphing technique. I would make the claim that it is probably the most famous example of it. The actual face morphing doesn’t happen until about the last minute.

    It would be cool to try and compare that clip with the machinima one and explore their characteristics (structurally, the syntagms and paradigms) and impact (phenomenologically).


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