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The Materiality of Research Practice

This is a quickie today. Recently (readers might have noticed) I have been reflecting a lot on my research practice. I have been trying to find those moments when I got things right and better recognize when I did not. … Continue reading

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HCI and the Essay

Sorry I haven’t been as active on this blog of late; I’m going up for tenure soon, and blogging doesn’t seem to count for much. (Even though I have to wonder how blogs stack up to conference presentations in terms … Continue reading

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The Essay and HCI

In my recent post on discourse analysis versus close reading, I got into a discussion in the comments on the origin of the critic’s understanding and the role of subjectivity, objectivity, and so forth. In the course of that discussion … Continue reading

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MFA in Design Criticism

The School of Visual Arts in New York is now offering an MFA in design criticism. Though the program is oriented primarily to traditional design areas–urban planning, product design, and fashion–I think what they are doing should also be something … Continue reading

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Interaction Criticism: How to Do It, Part 4

Produce a Critique, Or, What and How to Write Continued from Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. I apologize that it has taken a week to resume writing in this series. Part of the problem was a very busy … Continue reading

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Final Paper Template

I noticed that the generic ACM template that was posted earlier on the blog is actually a little different than the official CHI format found here: I’m sure that both templates are acceptable and not much different in length. … Continue reading

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My argument for final paper (YouTube and Goffman).

 BASIC THESIS:  Goffman’s theory of front stage and backstage is being blurred by technology, more specifically YouTube.  Behaviors that Goffman saw as backstage are being moved to the front stage because of the availability of this new technology.  People are … Continue reading

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