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The Materiality of Research Practice

This is a quickie today. Recently (readers might have noticed) I have been reflecting a lot on my research practice. I have been trying to find those moments when I got things right and better recognize when I did not. … Continue reading

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Structuring a Critical Essay

I meant to mention this in class, but I wanted to share a few thoughts on how to structure (or sequence, or arrange into a syntagm yayy!) a critical essay. A scientific paper in our field typically has the following … Continue reading

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Last-Minute Reprieve! Paper Extension!

I’ve heard enough from a sufficient number of people to worry about tomorrow’s deadline for the paper. I am therefore granting an extension on the paper until Sunday at midnight.  Please bring all of your materials to class today, and … Continue reading

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Tafsir of the Qur’an

Detailed research and pre-writing on religion and the net has led me to narrow down this broad topic to focus on the internet’s role on compilation of diverse Qur’anic tafsir (interpretations and commentary of Islam’s primary scripture). The arguments are … Continue reading

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Tagging as Identity Construction

For my paper, I’ve been looking at tagging on sites like and Flickr.  Lots of interesting design opportunities here (e.g. vocabulary problems, identifying communities of practice, adapting to site navigation). One thing I found particularly interesting was how much … Continue reading

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Paper Topic: Visualizing Energy

For my capstone, I aim to create a website that helps dorm residents become more aware of and reduce their use of electricity. To do so I plan to hold an energy-saving contest and then display real-time data from electric … Continue reading

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Lots & Lots of Picutres

I have a final paper question that I had planned to discuss with Jeff in person, but I’ve decided to make it a blog post instead – just in case anyone else is struggling with the same question. Topically, my … Continue reading

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